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Our Commitment to Excellence and AS9100 Certification

When something is taking off or being launched from the earth, you need to know every part is perfectly crafted, rigorously tested and completely ready. That’s one reason why the aerospace industry is known for its demanding quality requirements across the board.

We’re proud of the part Avalex Technologies plays in aerospace with rugged systems for video processing, control display, and mission management. A total commitment to safety, reliability, and product conformity are cornerstones of our manufacturing standards. As such, we’ve earned AS9100 certification. This is a comprehensive quality system for providing safe and reliable products to the aerospace industry, as well as addressing civil and military aviation requirements.


AS9100 Revision D (2016) is the most current international management system standard for the aviation, space and defense (AS&D) industry. Based on the ISO 9001 quality system requirements, AS9100 includes extra quality system requirements. The standard is based on organizational processes and emphasizes the need to satisfy internal, governmental and regulatory requirements, including the Department of Defense (DoD), NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Certifications come from third-party bodies. Compliance with specifications is confirmed through a complex auditing and certification process. To maintain our AS9100 certification, we are subjected to annual or regularly scheduled audits where our compliance with the standard is evaluated by the certifying body.

The FAA lays out individual manufacturing approvals through its Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and laws that mandate compliance. As a result, this certification is practically a requirement for doing production in certain sectors of the aerospace industry.


The aerospace industry has a complex and diverse supply chain and AS9100 addresses that fact. It also takes into consideration the complete life cycle of aerospace products and needs for quality every step of the way.

Our AS9100 certification means our customers, from state police departments to military bodies, can trust that everything from product safety to counterfeit parts prevention are protected, inspected, and aligned. It’s our promise to them every day.

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