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So much of social media is “check out my ham sandwich” posts that it can be difficult to discern the bottom-line value for businesses. But it does exist. A strong social media presence goes beyond vanity metrics, like shares, pins, or retweets, to create new leads, generate website traffic, and enhance reputation and standing within a professional community.

Stripe and Spheres

How I can help

 I offer a keen understanding of how to best use different social media channels to best deliver specific messages and achieve goals. I have experience with:​

  • Social media audits

  • Tailoring one piece of information into different posts for appropriate channels

  • Strategic timing of posts

  • Social media calendars and planning

  • Creating channel-appropriate visuals

  • Measuring ROI

  • Creating monthly reports to show stats on social growth and performance, as well as SEO rankings

Want to find out more about how you can move beyond social media for its own sake and into a meaningful, focused strategy? Contact me below. 

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