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Next Flight for Apple, Android is your friend when travel plans implode

We've all been there, haven't we? As usual, running late for our flight, we are jumping on one foot to put our shoes back on from the security area, yelling at a co-worker on the cell, and balancing our hot coffee between our hip, laptop, and rolling luggage. All this insanity, and then we get to the gate two minutes too late.

Most of us would rather throw down our carry-on and sob than get on the phone with an airline agent or get our laptops out and fight with the wireless to get online and check flights. Next Flight to the rescue!

Just open up the app and get going. On the initial Next Flight screen, there are three simple fields – Departure Airport, Arrival Airport, and Departure Date (can be the current day or one of the next two days). Choose "Check Flights," and an easy-to-read display appears with all remaining flights from the departure to the arrival airport for the chosen day.

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