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Leah Shafer is a freelanc writer in Dallas, Texas

In journalism school at the University of Texas at Austin, they taught aspiring writers to never forget the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of every story. But more importantly, we had to nail the "who cares?" angle. My approach to writing in all its forms creates medium-appropriate, compelling copy that interests readers and captures the correct voice every time.



A communication consultant focuses and refines brand messaging to tell a compelling story, whether that's B2B or B2C. Your intended audience wants to know what makes you different and why they should care. I know how to make that happen in a measurable way.


My experience as a newspaper and magazine journalist naturally led to work in content marketing in agencies and in-house at large companies. I am adept at carrying branding through all content in a consistent way and promoting brands in creative, effective ways. 

About Me

I have a talent for understanding an audience and creating stories that drive engagement. My greatest skill is taking a mountain of information, discerning what’s

important, and turning

that into something

that resonates.

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Leah has done excellent work for Haley Brand Aerospace Agency and impresses my clients with her attention to detail and innovative approaches to social media management, search engine optimization, and marketing.​

Gayle Haley, 

Owner, Haley Brand Aerospace Agency


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