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Leah Shafer is a woman of many talents. You're as likely to find her writing about changes in Nordic cuisine as creating video scripts for a CEO. She’s as comfortable in the corporate boardroom as the downtown crackhouse. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you know what we mean. She knows how to communicate with people. She knows the forms: magazines and marketing, branding and SEO, podcasting and humor writing.

Leah's work has earned her numerous awards, and has appeared in O at Home, American Way, AAA Texas Magazine, Modern Bride, The Meeting Professional, and an unwieldy pile of other publications she stores in a box in her closet.

She has a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and ten years of full-time experience as an ink slinger and communicator extraordinaire. In her free time, she is a devoted reader, runner, painter, cycler, and lover of all things small and furry. Except possums. They are too mean to love.

What people say about Leah?

“Leah is an extraordinary person, truly. She is that very rare combination of creative, organized, compassionate, and pleasant. There are lots of good writers and artists, and lots of very organized people, but the gift sets don't often intersect. They do with Leah. She was a pleasure to work with.” Bill Holston, Board Member, Art Conspiracy

"Leah is a terrific writer with a range that covers the arts, relationships, features, design, and even hard news. She can write short for newspapers, she can write long for magazines, and -- as her many fans around Dallas know from her weekly column in Quick -- she can always write funny. She also has a sharp eye for taking opportunities to expand the usual writer-reader relationship beyond the old newspaper model: starting a weekly podcast, for instance, or arranging meetings of her readers out in the real world." --Joshua Benton , director of the Nieman Digital Journalism Project at the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

“Leah is an effective communicator with a unique style. Her writing sparkles and she is inquisitive and enthusiastic about the projects she takes on. Her podcasts are fun and relevant to her target audience. She has a knack for reaching out and communicating with her readers and finding new avenues to connect with them.” --Cari Weinberg, Executive Director/Event Coordinator, Art Conspiracy

“Leah's writing is great, and working with her was always fun. Her stories were engaging and packed with detail, she was charismatic and quick-witted, and she consistently produced great story ideas for the magazine. Perhaps most importantly, her presence kept the editorial team laughing and upbeat even when deadlines loomed.” Kyre Osborn, Associate Editor, Rx.com

"Leah is an excellent writer who is accommodating and flexible to the schedule of folks she is going to interview. She produces quality work that's I'm proud to show to my friends and family. She is direct with her questions but again, very flexible on the answers. She's open, in other words. And very easy to talk to." –Sarah Jane Semrad, social entrepreneur and co-founder of LaReunion Texas

"Leah's freelance content has enriched our entertainment and features section greatly. From her humorous weekly columns on dating and womanhood to her thoughtful pieces on local dining, she's helped further define Quick's voice in the community and brought many new readers to us." –Hunter Hauk, entertainment editor, Quick

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